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Earth’s Gold", nature’s most precious plant... the Saffron Flower, also known as the Krokos Flower. Growing in Kozani, North Greece, giving its name to the land where it comes from, the Krokos village. A unique flower with a beautiful story to tell... Krokos blossoms only once a year, every October, for barely two weeks, creating a purple magic carpet as far as the eye can see. The flowers are harvested daily, right after the morning dew has evaporated. Then they are processed and making saffron more valuable than gold itself. A precious spice and the best saffron quality in the world, that has significant antioxidant properties, contributing to good health and well being. Saffron enhances the taste and lends its appealing colour to many dishes, desserts and beverages. An indulgent match of hand-picked mountain herbs fine floral scents in a unique combination.

Krokos Kozanis (1)

Krokos Kozanis Organic Greek Red Saffron In Filaments - 1 g

$20.00 CAD