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How To Choose The Right Olive Oil

Finding good quality olive oil is a task. Here are a few tips to help you choose the perfect olive oil:

  • A short expiration date matters. Anything longer than two years means preservatives have been added. Your body wants nutrients, not food stabilizers. Make sure to look for short expiration dates.
  • Pay attention to the bottle. The bottling process is also a big deal. Light exposure affects the integrity of the oil. Although the likelihood of good quality and better-tasting olive oil is in a darker bottle, it doesn’t always guarantee its best product.
  • Other factors you should keep in mind: the name of the estate, grade classification, country of origin, seal of authenticity, best before date and price.
  • Finally, real food costs money. Do not compromise quality for cost when it comes to olive oil.

Transparency & Quality

Ultimately getting to know the companies you support will aid in discovering the best quality. A reputable company has nothing to hide. A good company wants you to know all the details – they are open and proud of their product.

A Powerhouse of Goodness

You want to keep olive oil a regular in your diet because it is a powerhouse of goodness. Olive oil is an antioxidant-rich, healthy fat with a plethora of health benefits. Extra virgin olive oil reduces oxidative stress throughout the body, aids in weight loss, improves bone mineralization, and helps regulate blood sugar, blood pressure, cholesterol, and so much more. When choosing the right olive oil and the right anything, follow your instincts and ask yourself these questions: Does it feel right to feed this to my body? Will it nourish me? If it comes from the earth and has been grown in optimal conditions, you are pretty safe. Keep in mind that some olive oil a day can keep the doctor away. It certainly is a part of my daily RX!